EasyJet: an A320 turns around, its technical inspection forgotten before take-off

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A Airbus A320 of the British low cost easyJet turned back, the ground staff having forgotten to make a aircraft inspection before take off.

Last Monday, flight EJU4565, supposed to leave Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport at 12:50 p.m. to reach Palermo in Sicily, had to quickly turn around as it flew over Seine-et-Marne.

We took off about on time, and after about twenty minutes, while the plane was flying over Burgundy, the pilot told us that he had bad news: the plane had not passed technical control and was not authorized to fly “, testified a passenger, quoted by The Parisian. ” People were rather appalled. What is astonishing is that we are told that flight is not authorized… In full flight! I spoke to a hostess who told me that in ten years of working for the company, she had never seen this. »

Finally the passengers were able to take off again at the end of the afternoon on another plane and land in Palermo more than three hours late. For its part, easyJet stressed that such incidents are ” extremely rare “, adding that”the safety and well-being of our passengers and crew is the top priority“. She explained “operate its aircraft fleet in strict compliance with manufacturers’ guidelines“.

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