Ease of boarding: biometrics makes its appearance in Frankfurt

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Frankfurt becomes the first European airport to offer full biometric coverage, a new step in the progression of the digitalization of the passenger journey of Fraport.

SITA and Fraport have announced that they will allow “to all airlines at Frankfurt Airport” to jointly use the facial biometrics as a means of identification, check-in has boarding in the plane. Frankfurt becomes the first European airport to offer biometric checkpoints to all airline passengers, “for smooth, stress-free travel throughout the airport”. Thanks to the Smart Path biometric solution SITApowered by NEC, the passenger’s face becomes his map boarding. The passengers can register in completely safe ahead of time on their device mobile via the app biometric of Star Alliance Or directly At check-in kiosk with their biometric passport. The entire registration process only takes a few seconds.

A times recorded, THE passengers pass by THE points of control equipped of there acknowledgement facial without to have has to present of documents physical. This new technology is already used by more than 12,000 passengers at check-in points, boarding pass checks and boarding gates. Pierre Dominique Prümm, member of the executive board for aviation and infrastructure at Fraport AG, says that in ” collaboration with Lufthansa and Star Alliance airlines »it offers “this innovative service since 2020, an experience – with the help of SITA and NEC – which will now be extended to all airlines”. “We are the first European airport to offer all passengers contactless and convenient travel using biometrics. Our goal for the coming months is to equip at least 50% of all check-in kiosks, of pre-security and of the doors boarding with this pioneering new technology. »

“We have found that the more we automate the journey of the passengers In the airport, best East experience »underlines David Lavorel, CEO of SITA. ” THE points of biometric control accelerate considerably THE steps obligatory has the airport, giving passengers more time to relax before the flight rather than being in a queue. Our research tells us that when biometrics are introduced, more than 75% of passengers willingly use them. » SITA’s biometric solution leverages the company’s biometrics management platform.NEC digital identity I:Delight, ranked as the world’s most accurate facial recognition technology in testing by the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). This means that passengers who have chosen to use the service can be identified quickly and accurately, even on the move.

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