Earthquake in Afghanistan: 2,000 people missing

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We cannot forget what is currently happening in Israel. However, current events also force us to talk about Afghanistan. It is certainly not the country that attracts tourists today. But we must inform about the tragedy affecting this country.

Earthquake in Afghanistan kills more than 2,000 people

A major 6.3 magnitude earthquake struck western Afghanistan on the morning of Saturday October 7, followed by eight strong aftershocks. The tremors hit the Herat city region. In total, according to the WHO, more than 600 houses were affected, in at least 12 villages. The damage is very important. Some residents lost everything. “In each family, there were at least two to three deaths,” confides one of them. According to the authorities, more than 2,000 people died.

We don’t forget Libya

Mediterranean Storm Daniel hit the region on September 10.

Two river dams upstream of the coastal city razed entire neighborhoods, sweeping thousands of people into the sea.

The official death toll stands at more than 3,300 but the final tally is expected to be much higher, with international humanitarian groups putting up to 10,000 people missing.

“An estimated 43,059 people have been displaced by flooding in northeastern Libya,” the IOM said, adding that a “lack of water supply is believed to have pushed many displaced people out of Derna” other regions.

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