Dubai continues expansion of Al-Maktoum International Airport

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Dubai continues the expansion of theAl Maktoum International Airport (also called Dubai World Central, DWC) to replace its current airport in order to cope with the passenger traffic continually increasing.

Located on the outskirts of Dubai and with room to expand, Al-Maktoum has accommodated a small portion of the emirate’s air traffic since 2010. It is set to take over Dubai International Airport (DXB) in the 2030s, confirmed Paul Griffiths, CEO of Dubai Airports, at the Dubai Airshow last week.

Once we reach around 120 million (passengers per year), which is our maximum capacity at DXB (…) we will need another airport “, explained Paul Griffiths, referring to Al-Maktoum airport. “ This is expected to happen at some point during the 2030s “, he added. According to projections, the current Dubai International Airport is expected to handle 86.9 million passengers this year, up sharply from pre-Covid figures.

Neither the cost nor the capacity of the new Al-Maktoum airport has been fixed, Paul Griffiths said, adding that it would be designed on a modular basis rather than on a terminal basis, meaning it could easily be expand over time. “ It goes without saying that Al-Maktoum must be even bigger and even better » than the current Dubai airport, he said, describing it as “ airport of the future “. “ This will be a project that extends into the 2050s, because we have a long-term vision “.

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