Dubai Airshow: Flydubai goes long-haul with the Boeing 787-9

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Flydubai, until now a medium-haul airline, will also move into long-haul operations with a fleet of Boeing 787-9s ordered in 30 units.

30 Boeing 787-9 for Flydubai

Very Boeing day this first day of the Dubai Airshow. After SunExpress’s 45 Boeing 737 MAXs and Emirates’ 90 additional Boeing 777Xs, it is Flydubai’s turn to place a firm order for 30 Boeing 787-9s. Here again, no indication on the delivery schedules for these long-haul flights. On Monday, November 13, Boeing’s counter stood at 125 firm sales, carried by the Emirates group, and at 170 including the commitment from SunExpress. It is true that the day is not over, as they say in the chalets.

Flydubai goes long-haul

This order for a Boeing 787-9 is above all the display of an ambition: after having cut its teeth on medium-haul with a hybrid product (low cost prices, comfort of a traditional one), Flydubai passes long-haul, always with a view to this complementarity with Emirates. The more diversified the offer and the tighter the network, the greater your ability to lock in markets.

Towards an Airbus day?

Generally in a large air show, it’s everyone’s turn. November 13 has been, for the moment, Boeing day, and Airbus day will come.

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