Dubai Airshow: Emirates signs agreements with equipment manufacturer Safran for $1.2 billion

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Emirates announced a series of contracts awarded to theFrench equipment manufacturer Safranwith a total value of more than $1.2 billion.

This partnership includes a billion-dollar contract for the supply by Safran of latest generation seats intended for the new fleet ofAirbus A350-900 and of Boeing 777X and to Boeing 777-300 existing Emirates. The agreement provides for the delivery of Business, Premium Economy and Economy class seats to equip the Dubai airline’s Airbus A350-900s, and Business and Economy class seats for the 90 777Xs just ordered from Boeing at the show Dubai Aeronautics.

According to Emirates, the new seats will offer a large number of improvements in terms of comfort, privacy and convenience. Thus, these seats will notably offer larger spaces for passengers and a wider range of cutting-edge features. The other contracts with Safran relate to landing systems, retrofits and maintenance and upkeep services, Safran said in a press release.

Furthermore, Emirates has chosen the in-car entertainment system BEFORE-UP Thales to equip its future Boeing 777X. AVANT-Up features Optiq QLED smart displays providing the best in-flight entertainment experience for aviation. According to Thales, its system offers “an immersive cinematic experience” with “over a billion vibrant colors“, as well as personalization functions with recommendations and the ability to synchronize personal electronic devices with the screen.

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