Dubai Airshow: Emirates recommends 90 Boeing 777X bringing its total to 205 examples

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Emirates firmly orders 90 additional Boeing 777Xs and gives new life to the Boeing 787-8 by converting its 787-9s for 20 copies of the 787-8.

Emirates signs for 55 Boeing 777-9 and 35 Boeing 777-8

This is heavy stuff, not the letter of intent or the memorandum of understanding but rather a firm contract that Emirates has just signed with Boeing. A new order for Boeing 777X divided into 55 Boeing 777-9s and 35 Boeing 777-8s. This new purchase brings to 205 the number of Boeing 777-9 and 777-8 ordered by the airline. After the barrage of criticism against Boeing over delays in the 777-9 certification program, Emirates is renewing its confidence in the Seattle manufacturer.

No Boeing 777-8F?

Apparently, the order only concerns the passenger version of the Boeing 777-8. The Boeing press release makes no mention of the Boeing 777-8F, the cargo version of the long-haul aircraft. Does this give space to the Airbus A350F? To have.

From the Boeing 787 to the margins and conversion to 787-8

The order for 90 Boeing 777Xs is accompanied by a net of Boeing 787s, or five examples, with the conversion of the initial order of 787-9 which is now divided into 20 Boeing 787-8s and 10 Boeing 787-10s.

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