Dubai Air Show orders in a few figures

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The 2023 Dubai Airshow is a whirlwind of innovations and major deals, reflecting a spectacular renaissance in the aviation industry. With impressive deals like those from EgyptAir and Emirates, the show marks the start of an exciting new era for aviation.

EGYPTAIR and the Airbus A350-900

EGYPTAIR announced a major order for 10 Airbus A350-900 aircraft at the Dubai Air Show. These devices, known for their energy efficiency, offer a significant reduction in fuel consumption and emissions of 25%. The order for these aircraft highlights EGYPTAIR’s commitment to fleet modernization and environmental sustainability. The A350-900s, featuring a spacious and comfortable Airbus AirSpace cabin, are intended to enhance the passenger experience on international routes. This acquisition marks a significant step forward for the airline, strengthening its position in the African and global market.

Boeing and Zero Petroleum: SAF and sustainability

Boeing has started a collaboration with Zero Petroleum to develop sustainable aviation fuels (SAF). This partnership aims to accelerate the delivery of SAF, essential to meeting the aviation industry’s goal of achieving net zero emissions by 2050. Zero Petroleum’s technology produces SAF from air and water, an innovative approach that could significantly reduce emissions over the entire life cycle of the fuel. This initiative is part of Boeing’s efforts to promote SAF globally, demonstrating a strong commitment to sustainability and innovation in the aviation sector.

Flydubai and CFM LEAP-1B engines

Flydubai has entered into a multi-year agreement for 222 CFM LEAP-1B engines, marking a significant milestone in the expansion of its Boeing 737 fleet. This order underlines Flydubai’s confidence in the performance and efficiency capabilities of these engines. LEAP-1B engines have accumulated a record number of flight hours in commercial aviation history, demonstrating their reliability and durability. The expansion of Flydubai’s fleet with these engines will support its plans to grow and expand its operations, particularly on routes in the Middle East and beyond.

SCAT Airlines and Boeing 737 MAX

Kazakhstan-based SCAT Airlines has ordered seven Boeing 737-8s, which will almost double its 737 fleet. The expansion will allow SCAT Airlines to open new routes to European destinations, strengthening its presence in the Eurasian market. The Boeing 737-8 is recognized for its fuel efficiency and environmental performance, which supports SCAT Airlines’ strategy to modernize its fleet and offer high-quality services to its passengers.

Oman Air and the Boeing 737-800BCF

Oman Air has ordered its first Boeing 737-800 freighter conversion, a direct response to its 42% increase in cargo volume in the first half of 2023. This new cargo aircraft will contribute to the continued growth of the logistics sector in Oman and the -of the. The 737-800BCF, capable of carrying up to 23.9 tonnes of cargo over a distance of 3,750 km, will play a key role in strengthening Oman Air’s cargo capacity and improving its connectivity between the East and the West.

Emirates contracts with Safran: an investment of 1.2 billion dollars

Emirates has signed contracts worth a total of more than US$1.2 billion with Safran. This sum includes a US$1 billion contract for the latest generation of seats for its new fleet of existing Airbus A350s, Boeing 777X-9s and Boeing 777-300s. This contract demonstrates Emirates’ commitment to comfort, quality and innovation, with seats offering generous space and a range of luxurious features. This order also represents a major investment in the European aviation industry, strengthening commercial ties between the UAE and Europe.

It will be noted that these contracts are mainly on 3 continents: Asia (with SCAT Airlines and Flydubai), Africa (with EGYPTAIR and Royal Air Maroc), and the Middle East (with Emirates and Oman Air). These agreements reflect significant growth and momentum in these regions.​

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