Drunk PNC: 60 days in prison?

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Air hostess sentenced to 60 days in jail For excess alcohol in the blood appealed the sentence of a court ofOslofearing to lose his job.

Arrested last week at the airportOslo Gardemoenthe woman who is only known to be non-Norwegian had been remanded in custody after a routine blood alcohol test revealed a rate of 1.0 – while the maximum in the industry is 0.2, or even 0 at some airlines. The PNC reportedly confessed to being under the influence of drugs, and remanded in custody to prevent him from leaving the country. His plane would be left without herwith no further details revealed.

According to the statements of her lawyer who has just appealed, the flight attendant believes that the sanction ordered by an Oslo court (60 days in prison according to aviation24.be) “ is too severe, and that it will result in the immediate termination of his employment “. He recognizes that the penalty is severebut emphasizes the importance of general preventive measures in such cases, taking into account the responsibility involved in being in charge of an aircraft and its passengers “.

We are eagerly awaiting the passengers perpetrators of incivility in flight, leading to fights or diversions, risk similar penalties.

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