Dom Rep: one of the famous pirate ships has sunk

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Some tourists in Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic must say goodbye to one of the island’s most iconic attractions: the pirate ship. But how did it happen?

The boat sank !

Last Wednesday, the famous ship, which had been offering tourist excursions since 2013, sank on the beach of Los Corales. The cause of the sinking was a hull breach on the starboard side. As the operating company revealed to the Bávaro News newspaper, the ship carried around 112 passengers per day.

They want to get it out of the water!

Andrés Acosta, Operations Manager of Ocean Adventure Punta Cana, the company that operated the vessel, explained that over the next few days they will be taking the vessel out of the water to perform the respective deep maintenance work.

“We are going to put it back as it was in 2013, when it was made,” assured Acosta, very worried for the approximately 17 people who worked on the ship’s excursions.

There are other pirate ships in the Caribbean

We often see these pirate ships sailing off the beaches lined with all-inclusive hotels, from Punta Cana… to Cancún. It is precisely in this very popular Mexican seaside resort that it is possible to take part in this experience, without aligning the slightest money. The release is included in the North American package.

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