Do you know the “Herbschtmäss”?

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Today, we take you to Switzerland, more precisely to Basel.

You certainly know this city for its famous Art Basel, a contemporary art fair which is held annually in Basel, Miami, Hong Kong and Paris.

But Basel is also very well known for its Carnival (“Fasnacht”, which takes place in February), for its Christmas markets, but also for the Herbstmesse.

Herbschtmäss – Basel fair – Switzerland – photo Sandra Fabre

“Herbst” means autumn, and “mass” means fair

“Herbschtmäss”, in Swiss German, is the largest funfair in Switzerland, the result of an ancestral tradition which dates back to the end of the Middle Ages and takes place from the Saturday preceding October 30.

It is part of the city’s cultural heritage and attracts nearly a million people from Switzerland and abroad each year, mainly from the trinational region (Switzerland, France, Germany).

Herbschtmäss or Autumn Fair in Switzerland – photo Sandra Fabre

Let’s take a closer look…

Herbstmesse means having fun in 7 locations in the city!

There you will find attractions for young and old, enough to enjoy the view of the city, comfortably sit in one of the cabins of the Ferris Wheel on Münsterplatz, be frightened in the “free fall tour” at Messeplatz, or accompany your little ones in one of the many children’s attractions.

Herbschtmäss or Autumn Fair in Basel – Switzerland – photo Sandra Fabre

But Herbstmesse is also…

Warm up by drinking a “Glühwein”, mulled wine, red or white.

Or satisfy a hunger by eating a delicious “Chäsbängel”, a baguette filled with cheese fondue (my favorite snack, which I call fondue to go), a small raclette, or a Flammenküche.

And for those with a sweet tooth, you can taste, among other things, Magenbrot, these small traditional iced biscuits which look a bit like gingerbread and which you will recognize because they are presented in small pink bags. Magenbrot means “stomach bread” because it is believed to help with digestion.

Herbschtmäss or Autumn Fair – Switzerland – photo Sandra Fabre

Do you want to take a tour? It is now !

The Basel fair started last Saturday and lasts 2 weeks (until November 28).

If you live in Paris, take the TGV Lyria, you will be there in 3 hours.

Do not hesitate !

Sandra Fabre

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