Do you know kind tourism?

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Kind Tourism is one of the emerging trends of this year 2023 which sees the definitive reopening of the world after the pandemic. A new approach to travel and holidays, which promotes attention to the environment but also benevolence between people.

Friendly tourism is that type of tourism that makes kindness its bulwark, engaging in social and cultural projects in the territories that adhere to it, and starts from the awareness that values ​​such as caring for others, care, psychophysical well-being and reciprocity are good not only for themselves, but also for the environment, society and human relations.

Everything comes from the International Kindness Movement, a global network born in 2020 to spread benevolence and the values ​​linked to it in the social and economic fabric. Nika Island in the Maldives has become the world’s first kind island by joining the international movement and applying a positive and uplifting approach to tourism.

The World Kindness Movement

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