Discrimination: United Airlines accused of preferring blonde stewardesses

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Two flight attendants long-standingUnited Airlines accuse their employer of racial and religious discrimination in its program of charter flights to transport the Los Angeles baseball team.

According to the two plaintiffs – Dawn Todd, 50, and Darby Quezada, 44 – United Airlines engaged in blatant discrimination by removing the only minority flight attendants from Los Angeles Dodgers charter flights. and replacing them with hostesses “ white, young and slim, predominantly blonde and blue-eyed “.

Darby Quezada, who is of Mexican, black and Jewish descent, says she was called the “ flight cleaning lady » because they needed « of a Mexican girl to clean the toilets “, that he was told to stop speaking Spanish with a Dodgers player because “ we are in America ”, and endured anti-Semitic comments such as “ you know that Jesus died for you even if you don’t believe it ” And ” you don’t look Jewish “. Dawn Todd, a Black flight attendant with more than 17 years of experience at United Airlines, alleges she suffered retaliation after complaining about the demotion of cabin attendants of color on charter flights carrying the Dodgers.

The two hostesses filed their complaint in the Los Angeles County High Court. “ United fosters an environment of inclusion and does not tolerate discrimination of any kind. We believe this lawsuit is without merit and intend to defend ourselves vigorously », Reacted a spokesperson for the American airline.

Working on charter flights carrying Dodgers is considered a premium service by crew members, who earn bonuses, enjoy premium layover accommodations and higher per diem, and often receive valuable baseball game tickets, field passes and rare sporting goods.

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