Dinosaur Trips: a new Canadian tour operator for apprentice paleontologists

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Dinosaur Trips is a new Canadian TO dedicated to paleontological themed travel. The tour operator already has a series of tours scheduled for next summer aimed at small groups with personalized itineraries.

The focus of these tours will be on excavations that study the remains of these prehistoric animals, discoveries and adventurous experiences guided by experts, which will allow participants to immerse themselves in the world of paleontology.

The company was founded by journalist Zach Vanasse and is set to debut in July, with an expedition from July 2-13 to the fossil-rich Canadian province of Alberta. During an 11-day excursion, travelers will explore various locations, such as Calgary, Drumheller, Dinosaur Provincial Park, Grande Prairie, Wembley, Canmore, Kananaskis and Banff, always accompanied by a paleontologist.

The expert will also lead the group in the search for dinosaur bones under a program that will also support the work of the Dinosaur Research Institute, a non-profit organization that funds dinosaur research in Canada. Beyond studies and research, there will also be time to relax for four days in a lodge with spa.

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