Did Hamas lie when accusing Israel of the bombing of al-Ahli hospital in Gaza?

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An explosion caused by a missile near a hospital in central Gaza on October 17 appears to be a new red line crossed in the conflict between Israel and Hamas. The terrorist organization accuses the Hebrew state of knowingly targeting the location, provoking the ire of the Arab world. The video documents available in open access, however, suggest that the attack could in reality be due to the destruction of a missile fired from the Gaza Strip.

For twelve days, fury has been unleashed on the Gaza Strip, after the terrorist attack of October 7 which cost the lives of more than 1,400 Israelis. The response was not long in coming. Hours after the assault began, missiles launched by the Israeli armed forces (Israel Defense Force, IDF) fell on the Palestinian enclave, targeting Hamas strongholds and destroying numerous infrastructures. While the international community is torn apart, some governments support Israel while others denounce the ” blind revenge » of the Hebrew State, a new dramatic episode has come to mark this destructive confrontation.

On October 17, at 8:01 p.m. (French time), Qatari media Al Jazeera announced in news flash that the al-Ahli Baptist hospital located in the center of Gaza City was almost completely destroyed by an airstrike. Hamas quickly picked up the information, declaring that an Israeli missile strike had destroyed the hospital welcoming dozens of citizens including children. Several dozen, and soon hundreds of deaths were announced: first 200, then 500 then almost 800. Throughout the world, numerous media, Release has Reuters, repeat the statements, pointing out the war crime committed by Israel by destroying a hospital. Even war has its rules, established in particular by the Geneva Convention and its article 19, ensuring the “immunity” of civilian hospitals.

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