Devastating Israeli airstrikes against HAMAS

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Hamas under relentless fire: Devastating Israeli airstrikes rock the Gaza Strip

Unleashing air power

Dozens of Israeli F-16 fighter-bombers launched a series of devastating strikes near the Gaza border in Beit Hanun. The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) said the strikes were a crucial step in their operation to eliminate terrorists who managed to infiltrate several Israeli towns and bases on the second day of the war.
Air force aircraft have carried out extensive offensive operations along the Gaza Strip over the past day, inflicting destruction and devastation on Hamas operatives. In the last three hours alone, around 130 targets have been attacked by dozens of aircraft. The centers of attack include Beit Hanoun, Saja’iya, Al-Furqan and Rimal.

The clear objective of these strikes was to clear the area of ​​terrorists, ensure the safety of Israeli civilians and restore Israel’s territorial integrity. The IDF maintained constant pressure on terrorist groups that attempted to infiltrate Israel, using air power and other means to repel the attackers.

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