New Luxury Hideaway Opens in Tasmania

by Staff on March 23, 2010

Owner Brett Torossi and architect Craig Rosevear, who created the award-winning Avalon Coastal Retreat in Tasmania, have teamed up again to create a second Tasmania luxury accommodation, the new Rocky Hills Retreat.

Located high on a hill with views over Tasmania, the Rocky Hills Retreat’s 100-plus hectares of bush provide a completely secluded, quiet setting.

“The result is a stunningly beautiful, intimate and completely private space for one or two people,” says Torossi, noting that the retreat provides a safe platform from which to engage with nature.

“You can watch the weather roll in, the wind bend the trees, the sun dancing on the sea, the birds going about their business as though no one is there,” says Torossi. “There are biblical sunrises, the amazing gentle light in the valley at dusk and the stars looking as though they have been lowered to greet you. It’s all there going on outside while guests are enveloped by the beautiful elements on the inside.”

Tasmania's Rocky Hills Retreat has wonderful views. This photograph, taken from the retreat, shows a view of the pre-dawn light over Great Oyster Bay

Rocky Hills Retreat features a craftsman-built Huon Pine bath tub on its evening deck. The retreat has a fully equipped kitchen, a luxurious king size bed, sumptuous orange couches and an extensive library of books and DVDs. Rocky Hills Retreat is powered by the sun, utilizing a hybrid solar system.

Guests can wander to the Rocky Hills Retreat Art Studio and draw, paint, sketch, knit, read or just sit by the fire ― everything is there for guests to use, according to Torossi. “Adults never seem to have enough time to play and create ― the art studio is about enjoying a rare opportunity to experience childlike innocence and make a mess,” he says.

The nightly rate for booking the retreat is $A400 per night Sunday to Thursday and $A500 per night for Friday and Saturday. The tariff includes full gourmet breakfast provisions and a glass of Louis Roederer champagne, enjoyed from Waterford Crystal flutes.

The luxury Rocky Hills Retreat in Tasmania, a sister property to the Avalon Coastal Retreat (also located on the beautiful Australian island), sits high on a hill. Surrounded by 100 hectares of bush and offering complete seclusion, the Rocky Hills Retreat has a wonderful view over Great Oyster Bay

“The feedback from our early guests that have immersed themselves in the Rocky Hills Retreat experience has been extraordinary ― they just never want to leave,” says Torossi.

To book either retreat from Australia, call 1300 36 11 36. International callers wishing to book either retreat should call +61-428-250-399, or e-mail [email protected]. For more information on Tasmania’s Rocky Hills Retreat and Avalon Coastal Retreat, along with many photos of the two retreats and the views from them, visit

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