A UFO sighted over Cyprus last week is just one in a recent spate of unidentified flying objects to have appeared over the island...

The vacation island of Cyprus in the eastern Mediterranean is becoming a popular destination with UFO spotters from the United Kingdom.

A UFO sighted over Cyprus last week is just one in a recent spate of unidentified flying objects to have appeared over the island in the past two years, according to vacation consultant and  late-booking specialist Latedeals.co.uk.

The UFO was seen to move from Turkish-controlled Famagusta to Protaras, surprising families on their holidays in Ayia Napa (also known as Agia Napa in English usage), Dherinya and Oroklini. With several dozen sightings in the past two years alone, UFOs are becoming an added bonus of Cypriote holidays.

“It was beautiful and mesmerising,” vacationer Shirley Daniels told the Cyprus Mail. “It was fairly high in the sky and moved with no sound, it also had a beautiful white aura. My niece and I watched it for about 20 minutes, it really was the most awesome sight I have ever seen.”

Famous for its sandy beaches and clubbing nightlife, the resort of Ayia Napa (alternatively called Agia Napa) is located in Greek Cyprus at the far eastern end of the south coast of the island. The resort also is one of several locations where vacationers observed a widely seen UFO sighting in 2010

In the past year, residents and holidaymakers alike have reported clusters of mysterious craft, bright white lights, slow-moving orange orbs, and strange, triangular shaped objects over the skies of Cyprus, according to Latedeals.co.uk.

“Believe it or not, we’ve actually had a few enquiries about the UFOs over the months. Holidaymakers want to know the best time of year to spot one,” says Calum MacDonald of Latedeals.co.uk. “It turns out there’s now more than just Area 51 and Roswell, New Mexico for UFO buffs to visit, and at least with Cyprus holidays you have a chance of spotting one while you relax on the beach.”

Though UFOs have been reported in Cyprus since the 1950s, a steady increase in sightings began in 1973 when a group of six British soldiers allege to have witnessed a UFO crash into the Troodos mountain range, which contains a number of military communication stations. Famed entertainer and spoon-bender Uri Geller claims to have witnessed two UFOs during his time living on the island as a teenager.

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