With a focus on protecting and preserving North American wildlife and after reviewing itineraries to nearly every major wildlife-viewing spot in the Americas, the...

The U.S. National Wildlife Federation (NWF) has unveiled its 2011 list of the 15 best wildlife-viewing tours to North, Central, and South America.

With a focus on protecting and preserving North American wildlife and after reviewing itineraries to nearly every major wildlife-viewing spot in the Americas, the NWF has selected tours that range from a volunteer trip with scientists to studying bottlenose dolphins off the coast of Belize, and exploring the wildlife and wild places of Hawaii.

The U.S. National Wildlife Federation, a conservation group dedicated to protecting and preserving North American wildlife, has chosen a Wild Alaska tour as one of its top 15 wildlife-viewing tours for 2011

There is a cruise through the Amazonian rainforest over Christmas and an exploration of Everglades in southern Florida. Selected programs also feature some lesser-known gems like the biologically diverse Big Bend National Park in Texas, and the Black Hills of South Dakota.

The 15 selected tours are: Christmas on the Amazon; The Whooping Cranes of Aransas, TX; Kingdom of the Monarch Butterflies; Best of the Everglades; Behind-the-Scenes in San Diego; Wild Hawaii; Big Bend—The Unexpected Texas; Bottlenose Dolphin Research in Belize; Cape Cod Wildlife and Walking; Where the Buffalo Roam (Black Hills, South Dakota); Photographing Yellowstone; Wolves, Bears, Geysers (Yellowstone); Wild Alaska; Galapagos; and Wild Caribbean.

Among the 15 wildlife-viewing tours selected by the U.S. National Wildlife Federation as the best in the Americas for 2011 is a Christmas journey on the Amazon to see wildlife such as the monkeys that inhabit the trees alongside the mighty river

The NWF, which selects the bext wildlife tours in the Americas annually for its NWF Expeditions program, says it considered a variety of factors in selecting the trips for 2011. The conservation group says it only selected trips operated by tour companies that believe in the highest standards of responsible tourism.

It also selected the most experienced tour operators, which offer some of the world’s best nature guides. Also a key factor was price, and tours were evaluated with an eye towards value. Many trips are priced below $2,000 per person, according to the NWF.

U.S. conservation group the National Wildlife Federation has chosen two different tours in Tellowstone National Park among the top 15 wildlife-viewing tours in the Americas for 2011. One of the tours concentrates on photography and the other focuses on viewing Yellowstone's bears and wolves in their natural environments, as well as experiencing its geysers

Once the trips are picked, NWF works with the tour companies concerned to designate a specific tour date just for NWF members and friends. Another feature is that every traveler can participate in one of these tours and remain carbon-neutral. NWF is offsetting the carbon footprint of all 2011 Expeditions travelers, without raising the cost of the trip.

For complete details about NWF’s Expeditions, call 800-606-9563, e-mail expeditions@nwf.org or visit nwf.org/expeditions.

  • Rob

    August 11, 2010 #1 Author

    A great article. One of the prime highlight of travel to Alaska is the trip to Denali National Park and their bus tours to wonder lake. Just amazing experience with lots of wild life sighting and the view of Mt. McKinley over the wonder lake, just magnificent.


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