Delta Air Lines: record activities in the 2nd quarter, forecasts on the rise

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Delta Airlines announced the best performance of its history second trimester 2023 and revised upwards its profit forecast for the year.

We generated record revenue and profitability in the second quarter2023, rejoiced Ed Bastian, the boss of the company, quoted in a press release. Its turnover actually jumped 13% to 15.58 billion dollars and its net income more than doubled to 1.82 billion, after 735 million in the second quarter of 2022. The consensus anticipated respectively 14.34 billion and 1.54 billion.

One of the reasons why this quarter was much better is because we were 6% more efficient in terms of fuel consumption per passenger than in the second quarter of 2019“, also underlined Ed Bastian on the channel CNBC. The American airline has set up the largest transatlantic summer program in its history with more than 650 flights per week to 32 destinations, marked by a 20% increase in capacity compared to the previous summer. It expects to carry nearly 200 million passengers this year.

Also, the American airline has decided to allocate 667 million dollars in the first half for profit sharing, to be paid to shareholders in 2024. Anticipating a “been active“, she expects a record turnover in the third quarter (increase between 11 and 14% over one year).

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