Delta Air Lines orders twelve more Airbus A220s

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The airline company Delta Airlines confirmed twelve options based on Airbus A220-300bringing to 131 the number of Canadian-designed single-aisle aircraft expected.

While it has just unveiled for Q2 “its quarterly turnover and profitability lare the highest in its history (respectively 14.6 billion dollars, +19%, and 2.2 billion before taxes and duties), the American company announced on July 13, 2023 that it had converted twelve options placed on the larger model. With 45 A220-100 and 16 A220-300 in service, and now 70 A220-300s expected, Delta has placed five incremental orders and is today the largest customer and operator of the A220, underlines Airbus in its press release.

The A220-300 offers efficient performance and flexibility said Kristen Bojko, vice president of the alliance company’s fleet. SkyTeamadding that ” Delta’s continued A220 Family expansion is an integral investment in the future of sustainable aviation “. His A220-300 are configured to accommodate 12 passengers in Business First class, 30 in Comfort+ and 88 in Economy, and its A220-100 in 12+15+82.

“This new order from the largest customer and operator of the A220 is further strong evidence of the value and opportunities offered by this family of next-generation aircraft. The A220 gives Delta the flexibility to tailor operations to its needs, gain efficiency and deliver superior comfort in a single-aisle aircraft added Christian Scherer, Airbus Chief Commercial Officer and Head of Airbus International. ” In service with Delta, the A220 has proven to be a game-changer in the same-size aircraft category in highly competitive North American markets “.

Delta took delivery of its first Airbus A220 in October 2018 and was the first US-based operator to operate this type of aircraft. It currently operates a fleet of 433including 61 aircraft A220280 of the A320 family (including 35 A321neos), 64 A330 (including 22 A330-900s) and 28 A350-900 aircraft.

With 271 A220 delivered at the end of June 2023 at 16 airlines Operating on four continents, the A220 “is the optimal aircraft offering flexibility for both regional routes and long-haul routes. To date, more than 90 million passengers have enjoyed the A220. The fleet is currently operated on more than 1100 routes to 375 destinations around the world. By the end of June 2023, nearly 30 customers had ordered over 800 A220 aircraft, confirming its position as a leader in the small single-aisle aircraft market.”

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