Delta Air Lines: eleven people hospitalized after turbulence

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Eleven people on board a transatlantic flight Delta Air Lines 175 connecting Milan to Atlanta were taken to hospital on landing on Tuesday, after the plane was buffeted by turbulence as it approached theHartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

L’Airbus A350 was carrying 151 passengers and 14 crew members when “ severe turbulence » occurred, explained a Delta Air Lines spokesperson. The 11 people injured include crew members and passengers. The flight was about 40 miles (64 kilometers) northeast of Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson Airport when the turbulence occurred and eventually landed safely, the federal administration said. of Civil Aviation (FAA).

Our priority is to care for our injured customers and crew. We are grateful to the first responders who greeted the plane to provide medical care and transported the injured to the hospital », added the spokesperson for Delta Air Lines.

This is the latest incident in a series of others resulting in injuries on board. In March, several people were injured after Lufthansa Flight 469 from Austin, Texas, to Frankfurt, Germany, reported ” severe turbulence » as he flew over Tennessee at an altitude of 37,000 feet. The flight had to be rerouted to Dulles International Airport in Washington, DC.

In December 2022, 36 passengers were injured on a Hawaiian Airlines flight from Phoenix to Honolulu after encountering “ severe turbulence “. The plane was at an altitude of approximately 36,000 feet when it struck a pocket of unstable air, sending unbelted passengers and unsecured objects into the air.

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