Delta Air Lines: Boeing 717 lands without nose landing gear

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The crew of a Boeing 717 (formerly McDonnell Douglas MD-95) of Delta Airlines managed to land at Charlotte airport, without its front wheels unfolding.

The incident of flight DL1092 from Atlanta, Georgia to Charlotte, North Carolina, took place on June 27, with on board, 96 passengers and five staff including the two pilots, reports the chain CNN. The crew first received an alert on their instrument panel that the landing gear was unsafe. The pilots would have attempted a first attempt to land the aircraft, before finally regaining altitude when approaching the runway as a safety measure. During the second attempt, the pilots maneuvered so as to land on the rear wheels, while leaving the front of the aircraft pointing skyward until the aircraft comes to a complete stop. With success !

A passenger told CNN pilots and cabin crew kept calm when communicating emergency protocols to passengers: It was a smooth landing. The staff were superb said the witness. The 96 passengers were evacuated by toboggan, none were injured. “Nothing is more important than the safety of our customers and employees“, communicated on its side Delta Air Lines. “Although this incident is extremely rare, our teams are intensively trained to know how to maneuver safely in all scenarios.. »

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