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Clearly, this type of company abounds. Just go online and ask Google or Bing for assistance in defending your rights as a passenger. You will have the choice! Lately, I wanted to believe in it by taking a German company (Flightright). They dropped me after three months, knowing that the low-cost airline Vueling would find a way around the problem. I therefore remain cautious of these companies which promise to do better than you towards recalcitrant airlines to pay compensation. But why not try happiness with Delayed… a predestined name! Furthermore, it is a Nantes company!

Delayed, a start-up to defend your rights

Launched on October 23, 2023, the Delayed platform offers all air passengers departing and arriving from European countries who have suffered delays, cancellations or overbookings to assert their rights thanks to a compensation service simple and quick.

European law

Although European law (1) protects air travelers who suffer disruptions, with a compensation and reimbursement system, only 20% of them take action. The recovery in air traffic has returned to its 2019 level, with an explosion in travel requests for leisure and family reasons since the health crisis, benefiting low-cost airlines throughout Europe. The level of quality of service is struggling to keep up, airlines are facing a lack of staff, repeated strikes and saturated airspace. Compared to 2019, reference year

before the health crisis, flight cancellations doubled (2) and only 66% of flights (3) in 2023 arrive on time (compared to 73% in 2019). Beyond this context, air passengers deplore the lack of dialogue and recourse with certain airlines.

However, European law provides for a compensation system, variable depending on the flight distance, traveled or not, which can amount to €250 to €600, regardless of the amount of the plane ticket. Delayed has created the simple and effective solution to assist all air travelers in their procedures.

Delayed – to help you get the compensation you are entitled to

Delayed: the most advanced solution for obtaining compensation

Delayed is an intelligent and innovative compensation service to support each passenger in the application of their rights. The Delayed solution takes care of all the procedures and administrative checks required to obtain compensation from airlines.

A quick and effective solution : Delayed’s intelligent system instantly checks whether the flight and its circumstances fall within the scope of EC 261 regulation. In two minutes, it is possible for a traveler to know whether they are eligible or not. If this is the case, he will then be taken care of quickly and simply until he receives his compensation.

A personalized, local service for passengers:

Delayed also provides travelers with a team of air passenger rights experts, to manage relations with airlines and support travelers in understanding their rights.

Technology adapted to simplify procedures:

Delayed has developed a functionality that allows each traveler to take a photo of the documents to import them directly onto the compensation claim form and to check their validity to ensure the file is more than 99% admissible.

The cheapest offer on the market:

Delayed is paid only when the passenger has received their compensation, up to 25%, i.e. a percentage lower than that practiced by the vast majority of market players.

Digital experts serving air passengers

Delayed was founded in 2022 by three digital experts:

Jérémie Peiro, co-founder and manager of Jloo, former president and co-founder of Lengow, leader in the flow management and optimization market, Alexandre Lecomte, winner of the Initiative Nantes network, and founder of Hybercube Compagny, a company specializing in immersive technologies, and Loïc Barault, previously CTO for a compensation service company for air passengers.

In January 2023, the Delayed team raised 1 million euros to develop a fully automated solution in 9 months and put into service for travelers in October 2023.

Jérémie Peiro, CEO and co-founder of Delayed says “There is a structural problem in the relationship between passengers and certain airlines. We believe that every air passenger must know their rights and apply them simply. With our team of experts, we provide a solution that links human intelligence to technological tools to rebalance this balance of power and protect air passengers. With Delayed, our ambition is to make air travel fairer. »

About Delayed

Founded in Nantes in 2022 by Jérémie Peiro (CEO), Alexandre Lecomte (DG) and Loïc Barault (CTO), Delayed offers a simple and accessible compensation service that allows each air traveler to resolve the problems they have encountered with their flight. By combining digital expertise and customer relations, the Delayed team offers an intelligent and innovative tool for travelers. Air passenger rights experts enforce Regulation EC 261/2004, which makes airlines financially responsible when the inconvenience caused is their responsibility. Delayed is aimed at any traveler departing from or arriving in a European Union country.

1 EC Regulation 261/2004 makes airlines financially responsible when the inconvenience caused is their responsibility

2 Source: ICAO

3 Source: Eurocontrol, European Organization for the Safety of Air Navigation

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