Defense: towards a 5th European customer for the Embraer C-390 tactical transport aircraft

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The Czech Republic is set to become the fifth European customer of the C-390 tactical transport aircraft designed and developed by Brazilian Embraer as part of C-130 replacements.

Czech Republic wants two Embraer C-390s

The Czech Ministry of Defense and Armed Forces has started negotiations with the Brazilian manufacturer Embraer for the acquisition of two Embraer C-390 tactical transport aircraft. The future contract will include a technical support component from Embraer during the first months of commissioning as well as a training component for pilots, mechanics and loadmasters. Training which could also be shared with those planned for European customers of the tactical transport aircraft.

Soon 5 European customers

If negotiations between the Czech government and Embraer are completed and result in a formal contract, the Czech Republic will become the fifth European customer of the C-390. A few weeks ago the Austrian Ministry of Defense chose the C-390 tactical transport aircraft. The aircraft, ordered in four units, will gradually replace the completely exhausted Lockheed Martin C-130Hs of the Austrian Air Force with an average age of 56 years after a first life within the Royal Air Force. Delivery of the first Embraer C-390 should take place in 2026 or 2027. The first to sign was Portugal (five firm examples plus one option), followed by Hungary (two examples with deliveries planned for 2024), the Netherlands whose order for five Embraer C-390s has yet to be completely finalized.

20 tons of payload that seduces

Powered by engines of proven technology, the IAE V2500, the C-390 can take 20 tonnes of payload (with a peak of 23 tonnes) and since its introduction into the Brazilian Air Force has continued to accumulate flight hours in operations as part of very varied missions: transport of materials and medicines during the pandemic, transport of medicines to Beirut in 2020 after the explosion in the port, dropping of paratroopers as part of the exercise “Culminating” in the United States, transport of medicines to Haiti, ….

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