Defense: Safran on the future US Army assault aircraft

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Safran Landing Systems will design and develop the fully integrated landing system for the US Army’s future assault aircraft, the Bell V-280 Valor.

Safran Landing Systems on the Bell V-280 Valor

Safran Landing Systems was selected by Bell Textron to ensure the design and development of the fully integrated landing system for the future Bell V-280 long-range assault aircraft, which was favored by the US Army in as part of the US Army’s FLRAA program which wants to replace its large fleet of UH-60 Black Hawks from 2030. “This selection is a mark of confidence attesting to our ability to develop an innovative landing system which will enable this long-range assault aircraft to carry out the most critical missions”, comments François Bastin, president of Safran Landing Systems.

3rd generation tilt-rotor aircraft

The Bell V-280 Valor, the third generation convertible for Bell after the XV-15 and V-22, was designed for a cruising speed reaching 280 kts (520 km/h), hence its name. Although the Texan helicopter manufacturer has largely proven that the convertible is feasible, the V-22 nevertheless suffers from very costly manufacturing and maintenance. The objective on the V-280 is therefore to reduce costs compared to the V-22, but also to make the Valor a technologically simpler and more advanced device than its ancestor. Which explains why the Bell Lockheed V-280, compared to the V-22 Osprey, has several major differences.

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