Defense: Europe tests its military response force to crises

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Since October 16 and until October 22, 2,800 soldiers from 19 member states of the European Union are carrying out real military exercises from the Rota naval base, in the south of Spain.

First real test for the future rapid reaction force

The future rapid reaction force of the European Union, launched in March 2022, is carrying out its first real military test since October 16. The exercises will run until October 22. Nearly 2,800 military personnel from 19 Member States of the European Union are participating in this operation which mobilizes six ships including the Spanish amphibious assault ship “Juan Carlos I” as well as 25 aircraft and space and cyber assets.

Taking control of a port from the sea

The objective of the exercise, called MILEX23, is to take control of a port from the sea with a mission which includes several sequences: preparation of the operation, an amphibious assault, securing and control of the landing port , followed by the establishment of ground troops to ensure a safe and secure environment. Classic but the priority is above all to make soldiers from 19 different countries work together with the best possible efficiency.

Deploy up to 5,000 troops

The rapid reaction or intervention force must be capable of deploying up to 5,000 troops by mobilizing the necessary Member States’ capabilities in a coordinated manner. This requires joint training and exercises of military personnel from European Union member states to test and validate concepts, procedures and tactics. With the eventual full operational capability of the Military Planning and Conduct Capability (MPCC) by 2025, which is expected to become the command and control structure of the European Union.

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