Defense: Airbus recovers the MCO of the A330MRTT Phénix from the Air and Space Force

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Airbus Defense & Space and Rolls-Royce have been entrusted with maintaining the Air and Space Force’s fleet of A330MRTT Phénix tankers in operational condition over 10 years. A contract notified by the DGA and the DMAé.

Airbus A330MRTT Phénix: 10-year contracts for Airbus and Rolls-Royce

The Directorate General of Armaments (DGA) and the DMAé have notified two 10-year contracts for the maintenance in operational condition (MCO) of the Airbus A330MRTT tanker fleet of the Air and Space Force, one for the MCO of the fleet excluding engines with Airbus Defense & Space and the other for the MCO of the engines, passed to Rolls-Royce PLC. “Notified on October 6, 2023, these two complementary contracts are fully part of the dynamic of verticalization of support contracts led by the DMAé,” recalls the Ministry of the Armed Forces.

Visibility for industrialists who will invest €30 million in Istres

The long duration of contracts gives manufacturers visibility and more workload. In return, these manufacturers can make the necessary investments, and in this specific case to invest in particular €30 million in infrastructure near Istres air base 125. Without forgetting assistance services which include support for aircraft deployed outside the national territory. “Ensuring refueling missions which are essential to nuclear deterrence and France’s capacity for reactive and autonomous action”, the fleet of Airbus A330MRTT Phénix tankers is operated by the 31st Air Refueling and Refueling Wing. strategic transport (31st EARTS) located on air base 125 in Istres. This fleet currently has twelve aircraft and will reach fifteen aircraft before 2030 upon conversion of the last Airbus A330 to MRTT.

An extended scope for new MCO contracts

“Support markets notified to Airbus Defense & Space and Rolls Royce also adopt an extended scope with regard to the previous initial support contract”, indicates the Ministry of the Armed Forces which specifies that “the DMAé is particularly attached to the logistical aspects, to the digital ecosystem of the MRTT fleet ( mission preparation and restitution system, the technical and logistical information system, etc.), as well as the possibility for the forces to benefit from current or future technological innovations.

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