Defense: Airbus and South Korea want to accelerate the 6th generation fighter jet

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Airbus Defense and Space and South Korea are laying the foundations for the creation of an R&D center, particularly dedicated to technologies linked to a 6th generation combat aircraft.

R&D center for the 6th generation combat aircraft

The visit of Michael Schoellhorn, president of Airbus Defense and Space, to South Korea was an opportunity to lay the foundations for cooperation on the 6th generation fighter jet, the South Korean Ministry of Defense said. Trade, Industry and Energy, following a meeting between the South Korean First Vice Minister of Industry, Jang Young-jin, and the President of Airbus Defense and Space. As part of the discussions, the creation of a joint R&D center on the development of essential technologies related to a 6th generation combat aircraft.

Transport plane and satellites

Other projects in which South Korean companies and engineers would be associated: a military transport plane and a small satellite dedicated to services for the benefit of urban air mobility. All under the leadership of the Airbus Korea International Technology Center (AKITC). “South Korea has global competitiveness in technologies related to high-tech industries, ranging from semiconductors and software to next-generation communications technologies and batteries, as well as in human resources and infrastructure,” Jang Young-jin highlighted.

Joint production of a light armed helicopter

In August, Airbus Helicopters and Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI) signed an agreement to begin the mass production phase of Light Armed Helicopters (LAH). This follows the contract awarded by the Nation’s Defense Acquisition Program Administration to KAI in December 2022 to supply an initial batch of ten LAHs to the Republic of Korea Army. Deliveries will begin in late 2024, with additional orders planned for the next decade. The light armed helicopter, based on the H155 platform, will replace the aging AH-1S Cobra and MD 500 helicopters of the Korean Armed Forces.

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