Dawn Aerospace sets up a subsidiary in Toulouse

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After the Netherlands, New Zealand and the United States, the manufacturer of green propulsion systems for small satellites is investing in the Occitan capital.

Rapid development

The society Dawn Aerospacecreated in 2017 and based in the Netherlands (Delft) and Christchurch (New Zealand), is a supplier of propulsion systems for nano, micro and small satellites operating in low orbit, which use propellants non-toxic (nitrous oxide and propene).

The startup currently has 63 pieces of equipment on 13 operational satellites, and will deliver 200 more to international customers.

Dawn Aerospace is also developing a space plane totally and quickly reusable, which combines the performance of a launcher with the economic model of an aircraft.

A small-scale technology demonstrator, called Mk-II Aurora (4.8 m wingspan), has already carried out 50 test flights from Glentanner aerodrome, near South Island, New Zealand: 47 with jet engines, and the last 3 (last March) using its rocket engine.

A second sector in Europe

After the creation of a subsidiary in the United States (in New York), Dawn Aerospace moved to Toulouse.

The Dawn Aerospace France SAS offices will initially focus on customer support, business development and R&D.

The announcement was made on the Occitanie region stand installed at the sixth SpaceTech show Expo, held in Bremen, Germany, November 14-16.

Present for the occasion was Jalil Benabdillah, vice-president of the Occitanie region, vice-president in charge of the economy, employment, innovation and reindustrialization.

L’European Space Agency has also just identified Dawn Aerospace among the 20 most promising space startups in Europe.

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