Dagestan: a crowd invades an airport, looking for Jewish passengers

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Yesterday, early in the evening, hundreds of men stormed theMakhachkala airportcapital of Dagestana republic Muslim majority of the Russian Federation, in search of Jewish passengers of a flight from Tel Aviv, Israel.

Several dozen men burst onto the roof of the airport and onto the tarmac upon the announcement of the arrival of a plane from Israel, a flight of the Russian airline Red Wings on a technical stopover at Makhachkala and bound for Moscow with some 70 passengers on board. Videos posted on social media show rioters with Palestinian flags shouting Allahu Akbarbreaking down doors within the terminal, breaking down barriers or attempting to check cars and the identities of passengers leaving the airport.

The authorities regained control of the airport late in the evening: “ Since 10:20 p.m., thanks to the work of law enforcement, the airfield has been emptied of citizens who had infiltrated without authorization », Announced the Russian aviation agency, Rossaviatsia. “ More than one hundred and fifty active participants in the unrest have been identified, sixty of them arrested », indicated this Monday morning, the Russian Interior Ministry in a press release, specifying that nine police officers were injured during these clashes, two of whom were hospitalized.

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