Cyclone: ​​after Vanuatu … New Caledonia

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Vanuatu emergency management spokeswoman Brenda Williams had said a red alert had been issued for much of the country.

She said residents were being asked to stay home and police were assisting with evacuations.

On red alert

This is the highest warning level offered by the weather service. It’s basically an instruction, an order, to go home and take cover. »

Destructive gales and flooding are also expected.

Winds and heavy rain

The cyclone hit the northern provinces of Vanuatu, moving south.

Red alerts are in place for Penama, Malampa, Shefa and Tafea.

Vanuatu Metservice forecasts destructive hurricane-force winds of 150 km/h, gusting to 200 km/h, to affect the central and southern islands; while destructive storm-force winds of 110 km/h, gusting to 150 km/h.

Air Vanuatu flights have been canceled

Air Vanuatu has canceled all domestic and international flights, with flights due to resume on Wednesday.

Apart from some damage, Vanuatu has resisted well according to the French ambassador

Jean-Baptiste Jeangène Vilmer, French Ambassador to Vanuatu, tweeted: “In general, Port-Vila’s infrastructure resisted the passage of Cyclone Judy well: some material damage and flooded areas, a lot of plant debris, l water and electricity cut but being restored thanks to UNELCO”

New Caledonia spared

The New Caledonia Meteorological Service activated its pre-cyclone alerts as Judy headed south. According to Météo-France, the most likely scenario is a passage of Judy about 180 km east of Maré, in the Loyalty Islands, on the night of Wednesday to Thursday, ” associated with rainy weather and stronger winds on the archipelago. ” However, given the forecast uncertainty, the consequences for New Caledonia may change depending on the trajectory “. A closer-than-expected passage is not ruled out by forecasters, although ” the risk (is) low “.

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