Cuba, the Cinderella of the Caribbean

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The Caribbean had a real success story in 2022, with most destinations even exceeding the number of tourists compared to the pre-Covid 2019 reference year. The only big disappointment for Cuba, which recorded a moderate recovery in tourist flows but, unlike its competitors, the figures are still very far from those of 2019.

In 2022, the island recorded over 1.7 million tourists with a forecast of reaching 3.5 million this year and a full recovery only in 2024.

At least two factors would slow the recovery of tourism. First, the delay with which Cuba made a promotional campaign for the reopening of the country to travelers. Then, the coup de grace of the administration of Donald Trump in January 2021, deciding to include Havana among the regimes sponsoring international terrorism… yet another sanction against the communist regime, put in place a few hours before the handover between Trump and current President Joe Biden.

Then, last October, there was the ESTA affair: EU nationals who have been to Cuba since January 12, 2021 must now apply for a visa to enter the United States… who has to do with Cuba seems cursed!

Finally, if you still want to go there, know that you have to compile a new online form – mandatory and free – to enter. The D’Viajeros form ( has been active since Monday, January 23 and must be completed before departure, the document must then be presented when boarding the aircraft and contains essential passenger data.

Cuba’s objective is to speed up the procedures for entering the destination thanks to the speed of the online connection.

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