Cruise ship stuck in Greenland

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The Ocean Explorer cruise ship, with 206 people on board, has been stranded since Monday September 11 off the coast of Greenland. The sailors and passengers had to wait until September 14 before getting out.

The ship was freed on November 14 by a research vessel

A unit of the Danish army announced that the ship had been freed. The ship’s first attempt to move the Ocean Explorer had failed a day earlier. It is now necessary to find a port to inspect for possible damage. “There were no injuries on board, no environmental pollution and no hull rupture,” SunStone Ships said in a statement. The research vessel that pulled the cruise ship belongs to the Greenland Natural Resources Institute, a government agency, he said.

And what’s more, Covid 19 has made a comeback

The other bad news from the “Ocean Explorer”. The organizer announced that three passengers were sick with Covid-19. Nevertheless, the travel agency Aurora Expeditions ensures that everyone on board remained in good spirits. Sick cruise passengers are isolated.

Among the passengers were Australians, but also tourists from other countries such as New Zealand, Great Britain, the United States and South Korea.

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