Court rejects Ryanair’s ruling over access to customers’ private data

Avatar photo welcomes court ruling rejecting Ryanair’s request to access private customer data kiwi.coma Czech online travel agencythe decision leaving the choice in the hands of the consumer.

On November 7, the regional court of Brnoin the Czech Republic, dismissed a complaint filed by Ryanair against which sought to have provide the airline with original emails and details of the credit card of its customers rather than providing the industry with recognized virtual information used to make reservations. “We welcome the Court’s decision to dismiss the case brought by Ryanair, it is a victory for consumers who will continue to have the freedom to choose from the full range of options that we make available to them and choose how and with who they book their trip » commented Oliver Dlouhý, co-founder and CEO of “We hope this puts an end to the misleading statements that Ryanair has been making against us for many years, which we believe were intended to damage the reputation of airline booking processes. online travel agents inferring that virtual email addresses and credit cards are neither legitimate nor secure. »

He added : “It is absurd that Ryanair is asking the court to order the transmission of sensitive payment data which is protected and inaccessible to merchants; there is no reason for Ryanair to need this information other than to stop competition, just as with the unnecessary verification process implemented earlier this year which penalizes customers who do not book directly with the airline company. »

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