Couple seek refund after sitting next to ‘sniffling and farting’ dog during flight

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A couple asks for a refund from the company Singapore Airlines because they were placed next to a emotional support dog “sniffling and farting” during their flight.

Gill and Warren Press were on the first leg of their journey from Europe to New Zealand, making the 13 hours flight from Paris to Singapore with Singapore Airlines. But the Wellington couple quickly realized that their classroom seats Economy Premium were next to a passenger with an emotional support dog who was making noise. “I heard this noise – a big sniff”Ms. Press told Stuff. “I thought it was my husband’s phone, but we looked down and realized it was the dog’s breathing”. Determined not to spend the rest of the flight next to the animal, she asked a flight attendant if they could move, but the only seats available were in the back of economy class. They stayed where they were, but claimed the smell became unbearable halfway through the trip because the dog « farted “. In addition to its gaseous emissions, the pooch took up some of Mr. Press’s leg space: “My husband wore shorts and got the dog’s saliva on his leg.”

Ms. Press again asked the cabin crew for more distant seats, which was finally granted to them at the front of economy class, two places previously occupied by cabin crew having become available. Despite being told the incident would be recorded and the airline would contact them, Ms Press said she had heard nothing a week later. So she sent a complaint by email and was eventually offered a travel voucher of 200 New Zealand dollars (110 euros) per passenger three weeks later. Too little for her who now demands a full refund. “We didn’t get the experience we paid for.”

A Singapore Airlines spokesperson said the carrier was in direct contact with the couple. “Singapore Airlines strives to inform customers who may be seated next to a service dog before boarding the flight “, did he declare. “We sincerely apologize that this did not happen in this case and will work with our airport teams to ensure this does not happen in the future.” » “In cases where customers seated next to a service dog request to be moved, Singapore Airlines will help relocate customers to the same cabin when space permits. »

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