Costa Rica pulls out of UN climate deal

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The Costa Rican Congress on Wednesday (February 1st) blocked the ratification of a UN-backed environmental agreement after losing government support.

The treaty, known as the Escazu Agreement, was signed in the Escazu region west of the Costa Rican capital in 2018 when Carlos Alvarado was president. He was replaced in May by Rodrigo Chaves, who opposed the deal, arguing that Costa Rica already has sufficient environmental regulations.

The Escazu Agreement provides a comprehensive framework for countries in the region to strengthen environmental policies and specifically includes requirements for environmental protection rights.

“It’s going from a country that’s at the forefront of environmental issues to a country that can’t even endorse an international agreement on the bare minimum,” said MP Jonathan Acuna, who opposed the move. The majority of lawmakers argued that the deal’s mechanism gave too much power to those who accused companies and others of environmental degradation.

Disappointing from this magnificent country which was green before everyone else which highlights the treasures of its nature and relies on its green gold. We would like it to be an example to follow for many other countries, but this decision is rather contradictory.

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