Costa: reservations open for summer 2025 and the 2026 Round the World cruise

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Costa is today starting advance bookings for cruises for the 2025 summer season and the 2026 Round the World cruise.

In 2025, three ships -Costa Smeralda, Costa Toscana and Costa Pacifica- will be in the Western Mediterranean, for week-long cruises that will visit some of the most beautiful destinations in France, Italy and Spain.

From June to September, the Costa Fortuna will make the one-week itinerary which includes stops exclusively in Greece and Turkey, while in Northern Europe, during the summer, two ships will sail, Costa Favolosa and Costa Diadema. Mini-cruises in the Western Mediterranean are also planned, lasting 3 and 4 days, with Costa Favolosa, Costa Pacifica, Costa Fascinosa, Costa Fortuna and Costa Diadema.

Finally, the 2026 edition of the World Tour, with Costa Deliziosa, which will sail west from Europe for 4 months with the following stops: Canary Islands, Barbados, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Easter Island, Polynesia, Australia , Papua New Guinea, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, India, Oman, Jordan, Egypt and Greece.


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