Corsica: Volotea asks for half as much royalty as Air Corsica…

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As the newspaper says Corsica Morning: a simple to double difference. Less than 50 million euros on the Volotea side, according to their information, compared to 96 million euros on the Air Corsica-Air France side in financial compensation to ensure, from Ajaccio and Bastia airports, territorial continuity on the Paris-Air lines. Orly and Marseille as part of the next public service delegation (DSP) which includes, among other things, a fixed resident rate.

The royalty criterion is not the only criterion

The amount of compensation requested is, however, not the only criterion to be taken into account: quality of service (resources, aircraft, crews, maintenance, personnel, types of aircraft used, etc.), regularity and punctuality, etc., are among the many boxes to check to win the market. But it must be recognized that the Spanish company Volotea has established itself perfectly in France.

Volotea is a historic partner of Corsica

Volotea has been present in Corsica for 10 years. The airline can boast of a occupancy rate of “94%” in 2022. The Spanish company then plans with the desire, in particular, to respond to the demands of Corsicans outside the summer period by opening 10 additional lines in the next 3 years.

The Corsicans will want to defend continuity

We are starting to see the flaws of Volotea (low-cost – delays, etc.). Furthermore, the CdC (Collectivity of Corsica) is the majority shareholder of Air Corsica. In the case of a choice on Volotea, there may be legal, financial consequences and, above all, employment-related problems.

We are impatiently awaiting the response from the authorities in Corsica responsible for this burning issue.

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