Corsair: humorous safety instructions!

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After launching Corsair’s new communication territory in 2022, the “AustraliaGAD” agency continues to use the brand’s advertising codes on the various communication media. Today, it is the traditional film on safety instructions on board which will come to be part of the new creative writing to be tinged with originality and humor.

From the beginning of April 2023, Corsair will invite, through this film, all its passengers to “Travel in good company” and in peace. It is an attentive and smiling hostess who will deliver the rules to follow during the flight… But this time, she will not be alone! Small characters – “the little travellers”, those who are usually found in the brand’s advertising campaigns and who define its range of expression – will join her to illustrate each sequence in an inspired and conniving game.

Tinted with originality and humour, this film aims to arouse the interest of passengers on instructions that everyone thinks they know but that it is important to keep in mind by paying them a little attention before take-off.

In its writing, the film mixes the real and the imaginary. The small characters are made in 3D and symbolize all the usual types of Corsair travellers: from the family to the businessman through the student or the globetrotter. Each appears to underline the action or advice of the hostess in the form of a wink.

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