Copyright: the rock group Easy Life will have to change its name at the request of easyJet

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British low cost easyJet threatens to sue indie rock band Easy Life for using the word ” easy » in his name.

In a message published on its X account (formerly Twitter), Easy Life announced that easyJet had asked it to change the name: “ We would never have imagined this but we have no choice but to talk about the situation in which we find ourselves. EasyJet is suing us because we are called Easy Life. They are forcing us to change our name or they will start an expensive legal battle that we cannot afford. “.

Reacting with humor, the group said they found the situation “ hilarious”, adding “ for those of you who bought concert tickets and ended up on a cheap flight to Tenerife, I apologize“. More seriously, members of Easy Life declared that they had “ worked hard to establish our brand ” and ” we never affected their business », that of easyJet air transport. The group formed in 2017, with their albums 2021 and 2022 Life’s a Beach And Another Life both reaching number two on the UK Independent Bands charts.

Opposite, easyGroup, founded in 1998 by Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou, owner of the easyJet airline and the easy brands, has a section of its site entitled EasyGroup, founded in 1998 by Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou, owner of the family of brands « easy “, has a section of its site entitled ” brand thieves » dedicated to his legal battles to protect the group’s intellectual property.

Defending the musicians, some Internet users humorously declared that in this case, Ryanair should pursue all famous personalities bearing the name Ryan, suggesting that the Irish low-cost airline pursue the actor Ryan Gosling.

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