Conventional deterrence in the Middle East: why does this special American submarine deter the entire region?

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A newly released image from CENTCOM shows a US submarine passing through the Suez Canal. It is one of four Ohio-class submarines to have been transformed to carry large numbers of special forces… and no less than 154 Tomahawk cruise missiles!

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On November 5, the US Central Command (CENTCOM) published on its X account an image of an Ohio-class nuclear-powered submarine crossing the Suez Canal towards the Red Sea (probably the USS Florida, SSGN- 728). The Ohio class is a class of submarine developed during the Cold War for the US Navy to carry out nuclear deterrence missions. However, the image below in no way shows an Ohio-class nuclear ballistic missile submarine (SSBN)… but rather a nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine (SSGN) of the Ohio class. this same Ohio class.

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