Confirmation: France has delivered latest generation Akeron anti-tank missiles to Ukraine

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During a session of the National Defense and Armed Forces Committee, a deputy confirmed that France had indeed supplied the latest generation Akeron anti-tank missiles to the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Designed to replace the Milan anti-tank missiles, this missile is capable of destroying any modern battle tank, with or without direct visual from the firing station.

An announcement

As part of a session of the Commission on National Defense and the Armed Forces on the examination of French military support for Ukraine, MP Lionel Royer-Perreaut announced on November 8:

“(…) At the start of the war, while Ukraine was absorbing the shock of the Russian offensive, France delivered Milan anti-tank missiles, around a hundred missiles (anti-aircraft) short-range Mistral, 30 CAESAr cannons and 6 155 mm TRF1 cannons, ancestors of the CAESAr, as well as unitary rocket launchers, Akeron anti-tank missiles and Crotale anti-aircraft defense systems.(…)”

This announcement is very important because if France had already sent Milan and FGM-148 Javelins anti-tank missiles to Ukraine, this is the first time that a French official has confirmed that Akeron anti-tank missiles have also been delivered. An announcement had already been made at the beginning of 2023 but completely refuted by the Ministry of the Armed Forces.

This missile is distinguished from the Milan anti-tank missiles because it is a brand new anti-tank missile, which entered service in France in 2017. Developed and built by MBDA, it should precisely allow the retirement of the Milan within the Forces. French armies. In fact, the Ukrainian Armed Forces have indeed received a modern, latest generation anti-tank missile from France.

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