Clément Beaune wants a minimum price on plane tickets

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THE French Minister of Transport Clément Beaune wish “the establishment of a minimum air ticket price» in Europe in order to “fight against social and environmental dumping», he declared in an interview with The Obs.

This “proposal» will be submitted to its counterparts in the European Union «in the coming days», announces the minister. “Plane tickets for 10 euros, at a time of ecological transition, are no longer possible! This does not reflect the price for the planet», He estimates, alluding to the pricing policies of low-cost airlines which often push prices down.

For Clément Beaune, these call prices do not cover the real cost per passenger of air travel, which emits much more greenhouse gases than the train. “I fully accept the taxation of polluting activities to invest in this ecological transition», he justifies, while the government already intends to increase the so-called “taxof solidarity» applying to all flights departing from France in order to finance investments in rail. Additional taxes on motorway companies and plane tickets are expected to feature in the French government’s 2024 budget.

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