Clément Beaune reaffirms the government’s desire to tax airline tickets more

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Guest on France Info shit, the Minister Delegate for Transport, Clément Beauneconfirmed “discussions” concerning a airline ticket surcharge (and also for motorway companies) for finance the ecological transition.

We need to invest massively in the ecological transition “said the Minister, for whom one of the solutions, “it is to ask the most polluting and carbon-intensive modes of transport, the road, the plane, to finance investment in the train so that prices are lower, it is urgent. Nothing is decided, but there is discussion on the taxation of motorway companies and plane tickets“.

I am in favor” to the idea of ​​strengthening the current “eco contribution” on flights, and this “not for the principle of charging more but to finance investments in the ecological transition“, said Clément Beaune. “The idea is obviously that these taxes are differentiated according to the purchasing power of passengers and according to the distance and therefore the ecological impact.“, added the Minister, referring to “a major first class international flight” on one side and “un small flight that we do once a year for the holidays to go see the family not too far” the other.

This measure should be included in the 2024 budget, presented at the end of September, and which will be “devoted to debt and deficit reduction, to an employment and growth policy and to the ecological transition“, according to the minister.

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