Clément Beaume announces an increase in taxes on plane tickets in 2024

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In Budget 2024, we will increase tax on airline tickets that already exists“, in order to partially absorb theprice difference between train and planeannounced today on RMC, the Minister Delegate for Transport, Clément Beaune.

It is not for the pleasure of taxing, but because it makes it possible to finance these investments in the train“, specified the minister, without however specifying the amount of the increase. “Many people tell us that they are shocked that the plane often costs less than the train. We need more investment in rail“, he justified.

Asked about the progress of a european kerosene tax under discussion at theEuropean Unionthe minister said that “it going“, but that the unanimity of the Member States is required. “There’s no point in having a tax on kerosene in France if you don’t have it in Germany or Italy, apart from losing market share for Air France and our companies“, he estimated, adding that this tax will be in place of”here a few months“. And to conclude:It will be fairer and more necessary from an environmental point of view“.

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