“Chope chope”: 5 Singaporean chefs invited to Paris for pop-up food in 2023

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Restaurant The Hood Paris and the Singapore Tourism Board announce the launch of “MUG MUG” THE TASTE OF SINGAPORE, a cycle of gastronomic events that aims to share Singapore’s culinary heritage, its flavors and its culture of hawker cuisine (Singaporean street food). This series of events will offer a glimpse into Paris of the richness and melting pot of influences that define Singaporean cuisine.

Result of a partnership between The Hood and the Singapore Tourism BoardTHE Singapore Global Network, Singapore Airlines And Airbnb,MUG MUG will showcase Singaporean cuisine through a series of four collaborative pop-ups from the April 27 until the end of November 2023 (lasting 5 to 6 days each) at The Hood Paris in the 11th arrondissement.

This unique cycle will bring together several Chefs who embody the enthusiasm and taste of a dynamic Asian cuisine, both rooted in its heritage, but also open to innovation and adaptable to all palates. Each menu in this series will highlight a chef’s take on Singaporean cuisine, blending their expertise and traditional cooking techniques with the use of local French produce.

Among the creations that can be found on the menu will be a Roxy Laksa, of the Satay Tandooriof the Biryanis inspired by South IndiaA Nasi Lemak emblematic of Singapore and its gastronomic heritage Peranakan (Malay-Chinese), ending the series with a celebration of the hawker culture, the famous street food of the city-state.

These dishes will be prepared by some of Singapore’s best-known chefs, true ambassadors of local gastronomy, such as the chefs Willin Lowfounder of modern Singaporean cuisine, and Frankie Le of The Kongsee, Vasunthara (Masterchef Singapore contestant featured in Season 2 top 10), Chef Jeffrey Chia(@nonyabong), Chef Daniel Sia ( Coconut Club), KF Seetoh(maka sutra, Urban Hawker in New York City) And Chan Yau Chong (Urban Hawker).

The Hood Paris, a restaurant with a well-established name now on the Parisian gastronomic scene, will also offer its signature dishes, such as chicken rice or the Pandan Chiffon cake and its kaya, all under the leadership of the Singaporean chef Ali Hazri, based in Paris.


Mug“, Singaporean slang of Malay and Hindi origin, means to reserve a place in a hawker center (food court) usually with a packet of tissues. This term reflects the passion of Singaporeans to find and taste the best dishes, as well as their fear of missing out on the most delicious dishes! In France, the same term means “to catch”, “to pull out” or “to seize”. The French are therefore invited to come and grab the unique dishes of Singapore offered by its best chefs and discover the dynamism of the Singaporean culinary culture.


Singapore’s hawker cuisine and culture has gained global recognition in recent years, whether it’s haute cuisine with numerous Michelin-starred restaurants, or hosting the World 50 Best Restaurants ceremony, or her inscription in the intangible cultural heritage of UNESCO in 2020.

Singapore’s cuisine, like the country itself, is a mix of different cultures, with a rich history influenced by migrants from China, India, the Malay Archipelago and elsewhere, who are gradually being installed in Singapore. Today, its cosmopolitan status as a hub of commerce is attracting ever more interest and people from all over the world, bringing with them their own culture and cuisine. Through events like “Mug Mug” the taste of SingaporeThe Hood Paris, the Singapore Tourism Board and their partners aim to bring the heritage of Singaporean cuisine to Paris and to a wider audience.

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