Chinese military must ‘dare to fight’: Xi Jinping fuels tensions around Taiwan

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Chinese President Xi Jinping has ordered the Chinese military to prepare for unstable situations and strengthen its combat capability. This alarming directive comes against a backdrop of growing tensions, particularly around the issue of Taiwan. Xi Jinping’s calls for live combat training and war preparedness raise concerns about a potential escalation in the Asia-Pacific region. Relations between China and the United States, Taiwan’s main support, are also under strain. Diplomacy and constructive dialogue become all the more crucial to preserve peace and stability in the region.

An alarming statement from the Chinese president

During an inspection of military units near Taiwan, Chinese President Xi Jinping said the Chinese military must “dare to fight”. This disturbing statement comes to aggravate already existing tensions in the region, raising concerns about a potential escalation.
Xi Jinping’s visit to this strategic People’s Liberation Army region comes at a crucial moment in relations between China and the United States, Taiwan’s main security backer. With US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen in Beijing trying to stabilize bilateral relations, Xi Jinping’s belligerent statement only heightens tensions between the two world powers.

Calls for real combat training and preparation for war

During his inspection, Xi Jinping urged military officials to “know how to fight well” and uphold China’s national sovereignty and security. He stressed the need to deepen war and combat planning, focus on actual combat training and improve the army’s ability to achieve victory.
The Chinese president also stressed the importance of raising the ability of party leaders to prepare for war and fight. These calls for military preparedness raise concerns about China’s real intentions and fuel fears of impending conflict.

The Taiwan dispute: a sensitive issue between Beijing and Washington

`China regards Taiwan as one of its provinces and seeks to reunify it with the rest of its territory. Relations between Beijing and Washington are steadily strained due to US support for Taiwan. Large-scale Chinese military exercises around the island have increased in recent times, in response to official meetings between US and Taiwanese officials.
Last April, China carried out maneuvers simulating a blockade of Taiwan, just after a meeting between Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen and the speaker of the American House of Representatives Kevin McCarthy. The situation in Taiwan remains one of the most sensitive points of contention between Beijing and Washington, increasing the risks of a military escalation in the region.
It is crucial that tensions between China and the United States are carefully managed and that diplomatic channels are favored to resolve differences. Peace and stability in the Asia-Pacific region depend on the willingness of world leaders to engage in constructive dialogue and prevent any slide into armed conflict.

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