Chiang Rai opens a new bridge with a 360° view of Thailand, Laos and Myanmar

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The Skywalk (walkway) consists of glass bridges that lead to a 25-meter high glass platform. From above, tourists can expect the view of the confluence of the Mae Nam Ruak and the Mekong: the Golden Triangle. This is where the countries of Laos, Myanmar and Thailand meet. Also not to be missed is the adjacent Maitrya Buddha statue, which rises 50 meters into the air.

Mirror of Thai culture

Moreover, it is no coincidence that the Skywalk opened on Valentine’s Day. The date was also chosen to remind people of Buddhist teachings. During the opening, the abbot in charge of the monastery stressed that visitors to the Skywalk should be kind to each other. In hospitable Thailand, these peaceful Buddhist principles are firmly embedded in the culture.

Chiang Rai: Skywalk, Temples and Museums

Chiang Rai is the name of the northernmost province of Thailand and also the name of the capital of this region. Those wishing to learn more about the country’s Buddhist culture and history will find ancient temples, giant Buddha statues and museums in the province. In the Wat Phra That Doi Tung temple complex, for example, a Buddha relic is said to be buried. The stunning artwork Wat Rong Khun in the capital and the historic city of Chiang Saen are other popular destinations for culture vultures.

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