Charleroi airport staff strike averted

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Management and staff unions Brussels-Charleroi airport (BSCA) finally reached an agreement regarding the granting of prime “purchasing power”which will avoid a strike.

The compromise, reached between the two parties this Tuesday, will benefit 85% of the staff at Charleroi airport: they will receive the entire bonus (750 euros), but this does not concern those who have been absent for more than 4 and a half months over a period of 9 months between December 2022 and August 2023. The common union front had filed a pstrike notice 15 days last week.

Initially, the bonus, linked to the airport’s good results in 2022, should have been paid in April to all staff. But later, management wanted to condition the granting of this bonus in proportion to the time worked. The Common Trade Union Front immediately filed a notice of action, which ultimately will not be implemented.

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